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Professional virtual assistant services for your small business

Biz By Faith provides unrivaled support for your small business while avoiding the overhead and expense of hiring in-house employees. We do everything virtually, which means from our location, not yours, saving you the cost of renting or purchasing office space you don’t need.

to every

Get More Done,

Our highly trained team can take just one task off of your to-do list; tackle repeating jobs every now and again; or happily handle recurring burdens that have to be done on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

in Less Time,

You gain a whole team of administrative professionals. However, you only pay for work performed, NOT bathroom breaks, lunch breaks, sick days, or slacker employees who constantly check personal email, Instagram and Facebook.

With Less Stress.

We can free you to do the job you love. Without the expense, headaches, and overhead costs associated with hiring staff.

You're good at what you do, we can help with the rest

Your Virtual Assistant can do more than an on-site assistant can do. Why? Because in a physical office you are limited to the skill-set of a single employee, versus the team of administrative professionals available to you virtually through Biz By Faith. Our team can pay your bills, professionally answer your calls, manage your email, set appointments, and more.

Business Credibility
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Small Business Bookkeeping

Accurate bookkeeping is crucial to a successful business. Poor records can lead to legal issues, loan denials, and ultimately loss of the business you love. 

Biz By Faith offers quality small business bookkeeping services, from simple data entry to full outsourced CFO functions.

Choose The perfect Plan for your business

Perfect for the new entrepreneur just getting started. We will show you how to save your receipts and documents for forwarding to your virtual bookkeeper who will accurately enter, record, and reconcile on a monthly basis. Priced per volume, starting at just $100 per month.

Your time is valuable! It’s simply not cost effective to trade your time to stop and pay bills. We can handle that for you!

We will keep on eye on cashflow, staying in constant contact with you so that you’re never caught off guard. Never worry about late fees because you were too busy to pay bills again!

Let us help you get you paid! Our team can create and send your invoices, track payments and follow up on slow payers. We can also work with you to track and record payments as they are received, then process for you to deposit so that your revenue always stays within your control.

Let us customize a solution for your payroll needs

(perfect for newbies and small businesses up to 50 employees):

  • Complete Tax Filing
  • Direct Deposit / Debit Cards
  • New Hire Reporting
  • Benefit Time-off Accruals
  • Certified Payroll
  • Job Costing
  • Internet Access & Processing
  • Employee Web Portal
  • Paperless Payrolls
  • Tips Reporting
  • QuickBooks Interface
  • Other advance offerings as you grow

Every business needs a budget. We can help you create one! We will then monitor your budget to actual expenses and report on a regular basis.

Business Credibility Builder

The Foundation Of A Strong Business Credit Profile

As a small business owner, getting access to business credit and business funding can be the difference between having a thriving, growing business or struggling to keep your doors open. It starts with making sure your business is seen as credible by vendors, banks, and investors.

What makes a business credible?

  1. Separate business from the personal: separate entities, banking, and financial records
  2. Permanent business address that matches state records
  3. Professional domain and matching business email addresses
  4. A business phone number separate from personal cell or home

Even though Sole Proprietorship is the most common business entity, it doesn’t separate your business from you personally. 

Biz By Faith can handle creating or modifying your formation paperwork for you.

  • Your state’s LLC, General/Nonprofit Corporation paperwork created or modified: $100 (you pay your state’s filing fee)
  • Federal EIN Secured: $50
  • IRS Tax Exemption Application completed and filed (F1023EZ): $300 PLUS current IRS filing fee
  • Bundle & Save!: $400 plus current IRS Filing fee
    • Formation documents created/modified & filed*
    • Federal EIN Application
    • IRS Tax Exemption Application (F1023 EZ)

Get Started Today!


The Missouri Secretary of State requires a physical address for public filings. At the same time, you don’t want to use and give out your home address. What to do? 

Utilize Biz By Faith’s Registered Agent services!

We can receive MO Secretary of State mail on your behalf. We will open, scan to a secure shared folder, then notify you that you have mail. No fuss, no paper mess, no worries!

Just $50 for a whole year of Registered Agent service. Get Started Now.


If you wish to use an address for all of your business mailing needs, not just the Secretary of State, then our Virtual Mailing Address service is for you. Many solopreneurs & professional service businesses don’t need a physical office. However, without a business address, your business is not considered credible in the eyes of financial institutions.

  • Professional, secure mailing address for all of your business needs: banking, business forms, public/client use, etc
  • Better than a PO Box: receive packages & deliveries, spam sorted at your request
  • Up to $5 of mail forwarding per month INCLUDED
  • Optional Missouri Registered Agent services included at no additional charge!

Just $35 per month, or $350 for a whole year – that’s two whole months free! Get Started Now.

A professional email will set you apart from the competition in the eyes of creditors, lenders, and customers. Biz By Faith provides a professional domain with unlimited matching email addresses included.

If you cringe at the idea of another email to check, we can show you how to send and receive your emails right from your existing preferred email provider (Google, Hotmail, Yahoo, Apple, etc).

Just $50 per year. Get Started Now.

With Biz By Faith’s Business Phone Number Service, you can keep personal and business calls separate, all on your existing cell phone. Get yours today and start enjoying tomorrow.

  • Industry Low Prices:  You won’t pay for the whole year up front like our competitors. Enjoy unlimited minutes and all of our features for a low monthly rate, and no contract. 

  • Business Voicemail:  Keep business messages separate from personal. All messages automatically sent to your email with a convenient MP3 file. 

  • Virtual Fax:  Send and receive from your personal email account, disguised as your business profile. 

  • Auto-Attendant:  If you prefer an automated-answer, you can have one of our professional receptionists record a custom greeting to welcome every caller.

  • Unlimited Extensions:  Give employees or departments extensions with their own call-forwarding rules. 

  • Upgrade-able:  When your business grows beyond your ability to answer your own calls, Biz By Faith is ready to answer calls for you for as little as $20 per month.

Most banks require at least two years of financial records before your business is eligible for a loan. Biz By Faith will conduct a financial assessment to determine what you need to put your business in position to be attractive to lenders. We can then perform cleanup of your financial records. Or if you don’t have an accounting system, we can setup one that is perfect for your business.

Contact us to begin your journey to getting bankable.

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Virtual Assistant Services To Help You Get More Done

Customize a virtual assistant package with the administrative services that best meet your business needs. Contact us to design your custom package and schedule a free trial.

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