Entrepreneurs For Life! Advanced Training Program

Helping solopreneurs increase capacity and realize business growth

Once your business is successfully launched and gaining momentum, the next step is Biz By Faith's advanced training membership program called Entrepreneurs For Life! 

EFL is a monthly membership program for advanced training, networking, and referrals, all to help the solopreneur grow to a 2-10 person small business. Training topics may include Advanced Marketing and Client Acquisition, Human Resources, Taxes and Succession Planning, Advanced Budgeting and Investing, Team Management, and so much more. Classes are taught by experts in their respective fields and are offered monthly.

In addition to training, members are eligible for inclusion in the EFL Christian Business Directory. The Directory is our way to show off those kingdom companies that have successfully progressed through the Network, having completed Aspire, and Business Blast-Off, and have become Entrepreneurs For Life! EFL members are Kingdom Companies because they are living their lives and running their businesses boldly proclaiming their commitment to the Kingdom, unashamedly operating in integrity, serving customers as unto the Lord.

God has placed within the Body of Christ every service, product and witty invention imaginable. The EFL Directory is a place people can go to search and find Christians in business offering their God-given talents, goods and services.

During our launch period, EFL Membership is free! After the launch period, membership will be at the regular price of $25 per month or $225 if paid annually.
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