Be A B.O.S.S.

Business Owner Saved to Serve

What is a BBF BOSS? A Christian entrepreneur who believes that they are a ”Business Owner Saved to Serve.” 

BOSSes believe that their God-given business or ministry is their platform to proclaim the power and love of Jesus Christ to the community. This is done not by preaching from your cash register or handing out tracks with your receipts, but by being the best steward over your business that you can be!

We draft you to the bbf BOSS army!

At Biz By Faith, we are raising up an army of such BOSSes to positively impact the community as a witness of Christ. We offer opportunities to give back using your area of gifting – your business! Volunteer to pour into aspiring Christian entrepreneurs with encouragement, mentorship, and prayer. (Learn how here.)

And of course you can rock the gorgeous gear to let the world know you are unashamedly a BOSS! 

If you are a Christian Business owner or entrepreneur and this mission resonates with you, then we consider you a soldier in the BOSS Army, impacting the community for Christ!


Ordering available soon!