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Entrepreneurs coming together to
pray, support, save, serve

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For Life

The Biz By Faith Network would not be complete without providing a system to help ensure the continued success of our solopreneurs. We call this system Community.

After winning together in Biz Ball (Aspire course graduation) and surviving the Fiery Furnace together (Business Blast-Off graduation), solopreneurs progressing through the Biz By Faith Network form connections, partnerships and friendships that last a lifetime. We encourage network members to capitalize on those relationships by forming small groups with their fellow class-mates to provide support for one another; save, lend and invest together; and serve together to embody Christ in the community. 


Biz By Faith Network Community Groups provide a safe place for entrepreneurs to share their struggles and successes in operating their businesses. Group members pray for and encourage one another while also serving as a place for accountability to spur one another on to reach their goals. Finally, group members actively refer business, contacts and opportunities to other group members. 

Save / Lend / Invest

Community Groups are also Savings Groups! Savings Groups are used successfully all around the world to financially assist individuals that traditionally do not have access to or don't effectively utilize formal banking products. Globally, microfinance and savings groups have ensured access to funds and markets for millions trapped in poverty.

Biz By Faith trains and supports Community Groups that want to save, lend and invest together, to become formal savings groups. This microfinance opportunity helps entrepreneurs save, build credit, and have access to capital to support and grow their business.


Biz By Faith entrepreneurs know that their God-given business isn't just for their own benefit. We help Community Groups to determine and execute service projects within members' areas of expertise. This allows entrepreneurs to give back while showcasing their skills and business. These projects are a tangible opportunity to share the love of Christ.

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