Entrepreneurial Training Program - Fourth Quarter 2016

  • Wednesday, September 07, 2016
  • 6:30 PM
  • Wednesday, December 07, 2016
  • 9:00 PM
  • Christian Fellowship Baptist Church, 1255 Ferguson Ave., 63133
  • 7


  • Established Christian entrepreneurs Welcome!

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Our next Entrepreneurial Training Program will equip participants with the business tools and spiritual foundation necessary to launch or grow their God-given vision.

Session One: The All Important "Why"

  1. Identify your purpose/motivation behind your business or ministry
  2. If God gave it to you, He meant for you to have it
  3. Learn how to know and follow God’s will even through “self will disagreements”
  4. Solidify your commitment to foster an ongoing, growing relationship with God
  5. Analyze personal fears and obstacles to success
  6. Learn most common reasons why startups fail and identify keys to overcoming

Session Two: A Firm Foundation

  1. Solidify WHAT exactly God has called you to do
  2. Know the definitions of and differences between Vision, Mission, Values, Motto
  3. Create and write your business Vision, Mission, Values Motto
  4. Uncover God’s definition of Success for your business
Session Three: The "Who"
  1. Clarify who God has called you to be and who He has called you to serve
  2. Identify your Customer/Client Pool and your Target Market
  3. Create your Ideal Client Persona Profile
  4. Determine your business Niche
  5. Identify your primary competition
  6. Identify your Management Team
  7. Define Roles, Duties and Responsibilities
  8. Learn about issues related to HR and hiring employees
Session Four: How (The Nuts and Bolts)
  1. Answer the “How” “Where” and “When” of your business
  2. Identify areas of imbalance and how to achieve Godly balance in business and life
  3. Determine the best legal structure for your business
Sessions Five and Six: Spread The News
  1. Draft your own 60 second commercial / elevator pitch
  2. Learn about the purpose of Branding and decide your branding strategy
  3. Learn about the purpose of a Marketing Plan and its components
  4. Complete your Market Analysis
  5. Explore Advertising media; Also PR and Social Media
  6. Develop a marketing strategy for your business
  7. Business Integrity and the importance of good character

Sessions Seven, Eight and Nine: Money Matters

  1. Learn how to accurately price your products and services
  2. Create Startup and Operating Budgets for first 3 years
  3. Learn how to properly manage your cash flow through lean times and prosperity
  4. Learn how to manage your business day-to-day bookkeeping
  5. Accurate financial reporting and record-keeping
  6. Learn about financing your business and funding options
  7. Learn how to create business credit
Session Ten: Protecting the Vision
  1. Licensing, permits and all things legal
  2. Copyright, Trade/Service Marks, Patents, etc.
  3. Insurance and Liability
  4. Your business forms and contracts
  5. Taxes and the IRS
Session Eleven: Setting Up Shop (Running Your Business)
  1. Revisit your “Where” and location alternatives
  2. Keeping up with clients (database)
  3. Administrative Support
  4. Professional Services (Attorney, Accountant, Tax professional, Payroll company, etc.)
  5. Business Resources; Tools and Tips
Session Twelve: Serving Your Way To Success
  1. Giving back in your business: Financially, In Service to the Kingdom, Mentoring (paying it forward)
  2. Looking Back (review of all 12 sessions)
  3. Looking Ahead (continued support and fellowship; networking)

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