Who & How We Help

1. aspiring entrepreneurs and those looking for a firm foundation

Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Answer: The Pews To Purpose Program

Are you plagued with questions like:

  • How do I turn my idea into a viable business?
  • What do I need to start so I’m prepared down the road?
  • How can I honor God and make a difference, not just make money?

We’ve got answers to your questions!

Our Pews to Purpose Program is perfect to give you a solid foundation with everything you need to take your business idea and turn it into a viable business, with a written business plan! Then we give you all the tools to launch and help you step out of the pews and start walking in purpose!

Side Hustle Heroes

Answer: The Pews To Purpose Program

You can get your own LLC and EIN because you’re a pro in the know about starting a business. And you’ve seen some success! 

But you always seem to hit that invisible ceiling, the one you can’t seem to get over or hustle past. So you try again… and again. Always starting over with the next great business idea. 

You are not wrong, there IS greatness in you! What you lack is the knowledge to take the great in you, and finally create lasting business success. You can do it, we can help!

Are you ready to take your side hustle from a little money on the side to income replacement so that you can finally quit your full time J.O.B.? All it takes is the right training and a plan. The Pews to Purpose Program gives you what you need to succeed.

2. Established entrepreneurs looking to grow

Ready For Help

Answer: Professional Admin Support

You’re an established successful business owner. But you’ve been existing as a solopreneur, doing it all yourself, with no consistent help to make sure all of your back-office needs are taken care of. Needs that if unmet could mean the difference between staying in business and losing it all.

What’s more, you’re not sure if you can afford to hire the full time support that you really need to handle the phones, appointments, bookkeeping, ordering, marketing, and so on and on.

Maybe you’re a nonprofit who puts all of your resources towards running your programs and delivering your mission, and just don’t have the staff to dedicate to admin.

You don’t have to do it alone anymore, and it doesn’t have to break the bank. Our admin experts provide the back-office support you need without the expense of hiring full time staff.

Ready To Soar

Answer: Road To Million Program

God is in the multiplication business! And for successful business owners who already have a profitable business, you may be ready for God to multiply your clients, your staff, your revenue, your IMPACT!

⇒  If you are ready to scale your business so that it not just impacts you, but will help transform your community and provide sustainable jobs…

⇒  If you are ready to grow a 6-figure business (and beyond) and leave a legacy for your family… 

⇒  Then we are here to help you SOAR!

The Road to a Million Program provides the roadmap of how to get there, and the tools and systems to help make it happen.


Ready For Funding

Answer: Coaching and Capital Cohort

One of the biggest challenges startups face is securing funding. Most traditional banks require at least two years of financial statements (not just bank statements). 

According to global research, one of the other biggest indicators of startup success is ongoing mentorship and training. Without it, startups have an up to 80% chance of failure. With it, they have an 80% chance of SUCCESS!

Biz By Faith has tackled the biggest hindrances for startups and created a solution: the Coaching & Capital Cohort.

These small groups provide ongoing mentorship and business development, as well as a safe place to save towards your business and participate in micro-lending.  


3. organizations looking to better serve Their community

Ready To Save

Answer: Savings Groups

The prevalence of Payday, Title and other predatory lenders, is a real problem keeping already underserved and under-resourced populations in a cycle of financial destruction. Savings Groups are used successfully around the world to:

⇒  build a habit of savings and bridge the gap between the unbanked and banking

⇒  foster a sense of community through cooperative economics

⇒  provide financial opportunities otherwise unavailable to the most vulnerable through micro-lending 

Contact us for more information and to learn more.

Ready To Partner

Churches  v  Community Organizations v Co-working

Biz by Faith partners with others in the community to help entrepreneurs everywhere realize their God-given visions for a business or ministry. 


Ready to Launch or Grow Your Business on Faith? Now is the time to turn possibility into REALITY.