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 My Story

Founder Nancy M Jordan, JD
Washington University School of Law

I too know how scary it can be to walk by faith in business, but as Christians, that's exactly how we are called to live our ENTIRE lives, not just our businesses. 

Like many Christians, I had a tendency to separate out different aspects of my life:

  • family life, 
  • work life, 
  • church life, etc.  
At the time, I didn't understand that wasn't how God saw me. To Him, I was His child and He wanted to be in control of my WHOLE life. ​So when everything I put my hand to in business seemed to fail, I decided to turn "that part" of my life over to Him.  I remember telling God "I don't want to do anything ever again in life except what You have called me to do."  I didn't know what that was then, but I was willing to wait on the Lord.
Waiting on God
In the meantime, I spent my time doing what I loved to do: volunteering at my church and helping my husband and friends start, build or run the business or ministry God had given them. This help often came in the form of designing the look of the business: its logo, business cards, brochures. I also really enjoyed making sure they had the tools they needed to run efficiently: contracts, forms, list of services, client database, a website, a good bookkeeping system, etc. I found that while so many were truly good at whatever gift God had given them, they weren't good at or confident about the many administrative tasks that came with running a business.

"I love helping 
everyone else...
but God, 
where's mine?"
I was happy to help! I was happy to see God move in so many people's lives and loved seeing them fulfill purpose. I was also excited about what God would reveal for me. I remember asking God, "I seem to be good at helping everyone else, when are you going to give me my business?" He answered that helping other people IS my business! Amazingly, that had never occurred to me before, but once I got this revelation, I was off like a rocket! 

When I thought I was just "playing around" at helping people - you know, while I was waiting on God - God gave me  the name Biz By Faith and I thought, "Wow, what a cool side ministry of helping people this is! I can't WAIT to see what God has in store for my REAL career!" So when He said helping people IS my career, I praised and thanked the Lord... then promptly ignored Him as I got busy putting together my plan for making it all happen. After all, I was a licensed attorney. According to everyone, including myself, I was skilled, creative, gifted and smart. I was able to do anything I put my mind to. Right?

"Although God 
led me to help
others, now that
it was MY 
business, His 
leading was 
no longer 
good enough."

My Way

I did extensive research and found that there was an industry dedicated to providing the kind of assistance I was looking to provide: the Virtual Assistant industry. It was fairly unknown at the time and so I thought this was an awesome opportunity to get in on the ground floor of an industry that had the potential to grow large very quickly. Although I had helped others as God led me, now that it was MY business I was starting, His leading was no longer good enough. 

I took classes on entrepreneurship, writing a business plan, determining my pricing structure to ensure the services I offered could sustain a good living for me and others I planned to hire. I researched my competition, determined my target market, created a website after taking a top-of-the-line intensive course on best website development practices and SEO: search engine optimization.

I designed marketing materials and business forms that I felt captured the right level of professionalism and would appeal to a corporate client. Finally, I handled my own legal formation and in September of 2010, I started Virtual Administrative Assistants, LLC, (VAA).

VAA saw some success, got some clients, helped some people. But everyone I helped was a direct result of God sending people to me -- often completely out of the blue -- and not as a result of any of my own efforts. Then I remembered my failures of the past. I remembered I had tried my hand at business before and nothing worked without God's involvement. I remembered that only what you do for Christ will last. And so I turned VAA over to the Lord.

God's way... the only way
Over the course of time, God humbled me and began to speak to me about letting go and trusting Him, and allowing HIM to work the plan He has for my entire life, not just my business! In 2012, He reminded me that He never gave me VAA, He gave me Biz By Faith and that's what He intended all along. He revealed more of His plan, that Biz By Faith would not just service business owners but connect the Body of Christ. I let go and watched as He quickly began to rearrange everything I had created, and put back in place Biz By Faith.

In March of 2013, we began operating once again under the name Biz By Faith what is today Step 3: Services. In July of 2015, we launched an entrepreneurial training program 5-day intensive: Business Blast-Off! It has now evolved into its current 14-week training course.

We are eager to do the work God has set before us as we take one step at a time, relying on His Word that He will order each and every step.  We are excited to see what God has in store not only for us, but for the entire Body as we all determine to walk by faith.​


Ph/Fx:  (314) 244-3558

Mon - Fri 9am-5pm cst


1027 S Vandeventer Ave Fl 6

 St. Louis | MO | 63110

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