Pews To Purpose (P2P) Program

Pews To Purpose Program

Starting a new ministry or Christian business is rarely as easy as it appears because God’s plan for each person is distinct and unique. As you embark on a new adventure with God, Scripture will provide you with several foundational principles on which to build your ministry or business.

Biz by Faith is offering The Pews to Purpose program as a one-stop solution to assist you in stepping out of the church pews and starting walking with purpose to actualize your God-given vision for launching a ministry or business.

The Pews to Purpose training program at Biz by Faith is for people who want to start and run their own business and need ideas. This program includes;

Not just above, it also comes with some bonus add-ons:


Free Formation Bundle to get you started legally with no hassle or headaches (MO LLC/Nonprofit, Federal EIN).


Professional business domain with unlimited matching email addresses (paid annually after the first year of service).


Mindset Minutes—encouragement to help you step out of the pews and step into purpose.

Besides the Pews to Purpose program, we also offer the Road to 1M program for more established entrepreneurs.

Launching a Business-God's Way

God is concerned about how we develop and operate our businesses. If God were to write business plans for businesses, they would go beyond increasing owners’ and shareholders’ wealth. When we do business for God, he will reveal the best ideas and equip us with the talents, tools, resources, and abilities we need to receive heavenly abundance. (Ephesians 3;20-2).

How the Pews to Purpose Program Can Help

The Pews to Purpose Program of Biz by Faith can help you clarify what exactly God is calling you to do—whether it is business or ministry. We will do this by helping you to:

Having Many Thoughts on Challenges?

It can be understandably hard to sort through all your thoughts about your business idea or ministry.

Thoughts like;

Remember, God orders our steps, not our thoughts, so you must stop thinking and start stepping out by faith. You can do it, and you don’t have to do it by yourself. Biz by Faith’s Pews to Purpose program will assist you;

You Can Grab a $50 Discount

The key to a successful Pews to Purpose program is maximum participation. That is why we are giving a discount—just for your participation !

Simply agree to:

The Pews to Purpose Program of Biz by Faith will culminate with you pitching your business idea to a committee of seasoned Christian entrepreneurs. Since the program will have provided all the preparation you need, the P2P Virtual Party will be the place for you to shine!

Our friendly panelists understand you because they have been there before, so they will give you valuable feedback and encouragement in a safe space – It is a party, after all!

When you use the coupon, you will be agreeing to participate fully in the program. You will also agree that we can charge $50 to your payment method if you later decide not to participate fully. But we believe you would want to get all you can out of this amazing opportunity—and fully participating is the best way to do this.

Do You Want to Know More About the Pews to Purpose Program? Welcome to Biz By Faith

Biz By Faith is an organization that uses community resources to assist Christian entrepreneurs in launching and expanding their God-given vision for a ministry or business in various settings. Through the Pews to Purpose Training Program, we have a faith community team that provides biblical training in all national guidelines for the successful implementation of such Christian ventures.

For more information on the Pews to Purpose program and to join a new program wherever you are in the country, you can visit us at 1101 Hemp Ave, Suite 600, Saint Louis, MO 63110. You can also contact us by calling (314) 244-3558 or emailing us at