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For Life

Have you ever thought you were created for more?

If you have, but haven't yet stepped out to do what God has called you to do, there is some obstacle in your path. Biz By Faith's Aspire Division exists to help you identify your personal obstacles, and obliterate them!

Obstacles may come in many forms:
  • You may not know what God has called you to do.
  • Maybe you know your God-given business but don't know how to start it.
  • Or perhaps you are just too scared to take the next step.

Biz By Faith helps aspiring entrepreneurs overcome their obstacles through the Aspire Prep Program! The Aspire Prep Program is a 6-week course designed to help the aspiring Christian entrepreneur to move from the pew and step into purpose.  

Week One

God has a plan and purpose for your life
  • Believing you are uniquely, fearfully, wonderfully made
  • Finding purpose from passion
  • Identifying what your business is

Week Two

Your all-important "Why"
  • Examining your motivation
  • Managing "will" battles
  • Your vision and your relationship with God

Week Three

Write the Vision
  • Clarifying your God-given "What"
  • Defining Mission, Vision, Values, Motto
  • Writing your Mission and Vision statements

Week Four

Overcoming Obstacles
  • Understanding the Kingdom
  • Defining Success
  • Dethroning the Money-god
  • Examining why many startups fail

Week Five

Preparing the Way by Cleaning Your Credit
  • Here from our partners at Operation Hope to learn how important personal credit is to successful business development
  • Meet with your credit adviser and start you journey to an increase in credit of up to 100 points

Week Six

Biz Ball! Graduation

  • All participants have the opportunity to present their newly formulated Mission and Vision statements to a panel of successful Christian entrepreneurs and receive valuable feedback, encouragement and direction, all in a safe and fun environment.

Graduation from the Aspire Prep Program is an exciting and unique experience called Biz Ball! Aspire participants will have less than 5 minutes to present what they have learned to a panel of business and community leaders in the following format:Image result for play ball

      • Taking The Mound: introducing yourself and your business
      • The Wind-up: sharing your background, your why, your journey story
      • The Pitch: delivering your Mission and Vision messages in a compelling way

If you are ready to move from the pew and step into purpose, sign up for the next Aspire Prep Program course.

Upcoming Aspire Prep Program Offerings

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