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Step 2: Training

Tools and skills entrepreneurs need to succeed

Step 3: Services

Step 4: Community

According to the Bible, God intends for your business to financially provide for you, as any work should. Yet, so many Christians live in the land of "Not Enough," while others have graduated to the land of "Just Getting By."

We want to help ensure that the business God gave you makes you rich, adds to you good things, not stress. This starts with training.

The goal of Biz By Faith's training division is to help the Christian entrepreneur fulfill scripture by gaining knowledge, achieving understanding, and applying wisdom. First is our 14-week Business Blast-Off, which gives in-depth training for aspiring and current entrepreneurs to complete a written business plan. In addition, the Business Blast-Off includes the practical tools needed to actually launch a business.  

The perfect follow-up to training that launches the entrepreneur, is our Advanced Training program, Entrepreneurs For Life! EFL helps the solopreneur grow to a 2-10 person small business.

Business Blast-Off

Advanced Training: Entrepreneurs For Life!

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