Partnerships For A Purpose

Biz by Faith partners with others in the community to help entrepreneurs everywhere
realize their God-given visions for a business or ministry. 

Our best partners are:

Too many Christians are sitting passively in the pews, perishing with purpose unfulfilled. That is not the Kingdom Jesus preached.

We believe it’s time for Christians to move from the pews and into purpose.

Biz By Faith partners with churches by providing in-house entrepreneurial training for your congregation and the community you serve.

For community centers, associations, non-profits, and NGOs worldwide, entrepreneurial training is a valuable service to their constituents. Biz By Faith partners with these organizations to provide expert services they can depend on for their needs. 


The co-working concept is rapidly growing. Entrepreneurs everywhere are flocking to co-working as an alternative to working at home, crowded cafes, or expensive traditional office space. They have found that they can get the same work done more comfortably and efficiently by working from co-working spaces.

Biz By Faith partners with co-working companies to provide world-class training and coaching, which adds value for their coworkers and keeps them happy. This helps ensure full occupancy and is a win for all parties involved!

5 ways to partner with Biz By Faith

The following are ways in which organizations can partner with Biz By Faith:

Level 1: Endorsement partner

Endorsement Partners share Biz by Faith offerings with their constituents, contacts, and the members of their organization. 

Biz by Faith will publicize the relationship, letting everyone know of the Endorsement Partner relationship.

Level 2: Hosting partner

A Host Partner provides space for classes and graduations, also providing security when necessary. Host organizations also grant Biz by Faith access to the host’s members, contacts, and constituents so that Biz By Faith can share upcoming class offerings held at the host location. Class participants cover their class costs, not the hosting partner.

Level 3: Sponsor partner

A Sponsor Partner differs from a Hosting Partner in one way: sponsor partners pay for part of participant costs. This “sponsorship” can be in the form of scholarships or discounts. 

Sponsor Partners may also encourage and allow their members to sow towards the success of an aspiring entrepreneur by giving financially towards class fees.

Level 4: Participant partner

Organizations that are Hosting or Sponsor Partners can further partner with Biz by Faith to assist in providing mentorship and business training to participants. Biz by Faith would provide “train-the-trainer” sessions to seasoned entrepreneurs within the organization. They only need a desire to volunteer and give back to aspiring entrepreneurs they already know.

Level 5: Apprentice partner

Organizations planning to develop their own entrepreneurial training program can engage Biz by Faith to share its training program. as part of a licensing program. Licensing allows the Apprentice Partner to learn how to deliver the Biz by Faith curriculum on an ongoing basis.

Partner With Biz by Faith

Our mission is to serve and support you in achieving your objectives. We would like to meet you and understand the vision and mission of your organization and the great work you do.

We hope to cultivate healthy partnerships and collaborations because we understand that working together allows us to accomplish far more than working alone. This is why Biz by Faith collaborates with local churches, businesses, and the community to spread hope and love worldwide.

Call or email Biz By Faith for more information on partnerships, and to schedule an appointment today.