Helping entrepreneurs fulfill their God-given purpose

Too many Christians are sitting passively in the pews, perishing with purpose unfulfilled.
That is not the Kingdom Jesus preached.
We believe it's time to take Christians from the pews and into purpose.

Welcome to the Biz By Faith Network!

Wherever you are on your entrepreneurial journey, the Biz By Faith Network is here to INSPIRE, TRAIN, SUPPORT and CONNECT Christian entrepreneurs through a comprehensive, business-building network community. 

We prepare aspiring Christian solopreneurs for launch. Then we provide Advanced Training, Administrative Support Services, and Community Support to help them develop to a 2-10 person small business within 3 years of entering the BBF Network.

We deliver through our five network divisions.


If you have a vision for a business or ministry, but haven't stepped out on faith to start it, Aspire is geared just for you. 

God has placed within the Body of Christ tremendous gifts, talents, witty inventions. Many of these visions can become viable businesses. Biz By Faith's 6-week Aspire Program exists to move aspiring entrepreneurs from the pews into purpose!

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    Business Blast-Off

    Aspire prepares you to say yes to the call and know what that call is. Our 16-week Business Blast-Off prepares you to launch! This Bible-based, resource-rich, business-plan-focused course includes hands-on workshops and practical business tools to help give your business a strong foundation.


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    Support Services

    We are committed to providing high-quality administrative services to our solopreneurs
    at a
    affordable cost so that they can be free to do the business they love.

    Our goal is to provide an infrastructure that is solid yet flexible enough
    to grow with every entrepreneur.

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    Biz By Faith isn't just a company, but a Network of Christian entrepreneurs coming together to encourage and pray for one another; save, lend and invest together; and serve together in projects within our areas of expertise to
    positively affect the community as a witness of Christ.

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    Entrepreneurs For Life (EFL)

    Biz By Faith doesn't leave its entrepreneurs as SOLOpreneurs. On the contrary, our EFL membership program provides advanced training to encourage growth, increased capacity, and the attainment of skills needed to grow to a 2-10 person small business within 3 years of entering the network.

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